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Garden Center Availability

Our Spring Season hours have now ended. We are still available during certain times and days Monday through Friday…just send us an email at info@weststarorganics.com or text 608-347-4346 to check on when we are available at the garden center.

We are beginning our offseason projects and preparing for Spring 2025. Here are a few of projects/tasks to complete this year:

  • Rebuild Garden Center outdoor tables
  • Expand Outdoor Garden Center space with new shade stucture
  • Create an outdoor sitting area for our customers to relax
  • Create display gardens including raised beds, berry fields, and fruit tree orchard
  • Lots of trenching for new water/drain lines
  • Remodel storage shed for new larger space to make GrowMix
  • Replace roof polycarbonate on Greenhouse 3
  • Install new misting lines into Greenhouse 3
  • Cleaning, lots of cleaning, and more cleaning after that.

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