Made for organic growers by an organic grower!!!

Our GrowMix is available year round.  

This blend is the heart of WSO’s exceptional germination, strong growth, and healthy plant production. 

  • We use our balanced blend of immediate use macro & micro nutrients for early stage plant feeding & include slow release nutrients & minerals to provide optimal plant health & growth at later stages.
  • We include water management ingredients to maintain proper moisture levels, increase plant drought resistance & provide efficient water routing to the root system.
  • We mix in microbial life to assist the plants with their nutrient uptake & support beneficial life.
  • We integrate beneficial organisms that protect & shield the plant from common diseases.
  • Our GrowMix is pH balanced to the optimal level for nutrient uptake and pest protection.
Seeding Mix for excellent germination and healthy seedlings
Photo of Person Sitting Near Potted Plants
Use as a growing mix for container growing and transplanting
Amend your garden soil for improved texture, biology, and nutrients
  • 5g Bucket (BYOB – bring your own bucket) = $9.50/bucket
  • 1 Cubic Foot Bags = $13.50/bag
  • Mid-Bag (40+ Cubic Feet) = $385.00/bag
  • Big-Bag (60+ Cubic Feet) = $570.00/bag